Where's your Amazon package really coming from?
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Where's your Amazon package really coming from?

We’ve seen increasing concerns about products originating in China — not just because of COVID-19, but also due to the CCP’s horrendous record of human rights violations, border conflicts, suspicious spyware, and economic manipulations. There have even been reports that products brought into the United States are being sourced from the CCP’s Uyghur internment camps.

Simply stated, we cannot endorse such a blatant disregard for human rights. At the very least, we should take the simple step of ensuring that the products we consume every day do not come from Chinese detention camps. How we spend is our voice as consumers, but a lack of information makes it difficult to speak intelligently.

Unfortunately, even though India has taken steps to compel online retailers like Amazon and Flipkart to label the country of origin for all goods sold online, other countries (including the United States) have taken no such measures. It’s estimated that 40% of Amazon’s top sellers are based in China — and that number is growing.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce Blueriddle, a way for you to see where the products you buy actually come from.

With Blueriddle, you don’t have to spend time digging through reviews and seller profiles just to know what you’re spending your money on. We dig deeper for information about the seller and manufacturer, listen to other buyers, and are continuously improving our methods. If you want to make more informed buying decisions, join our waitlist below to get early access to this free resource.